WITH HEADPHONES IN HEAD – David Bowie at MAMbo of Bologna, until November 13, 2016

A special museum, a structure that allows you to retrace the history of Italian art of the last half century (after World War II to the present), helping you find new ways of art experimentation. The Museum of Modern Art Mambo, is located in Via Don Giovanni Minzoni 14, in the historic center of Bologna. As for the times of entry, you will need ricodare that on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, access is allowed from hours 10:00 to 19:00 (on Thursdays, lunch break from 10.00 to 23.00). http://www.mambo-bologna.org/en/WITHEADPHONE.1.1

Made from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, finally arrives in Bologna David Bowie Is, the retrospective dedicated to David Bowie. After Chicago and Sao Paulo, Toronto, Paris and Berlin, Melbourne and Groningen, if you do not want to miss this wonderful opportunity (to see, but with lecuffie in the lead), you have until November 13, 2016, and you can go to the Mambo, in the historic center of Bologna. The exhibition celebrates the career of David Bowie, five decades of musical creativity, where innovation has never left the stage. Through multimedia contents, even you shall enter into the creative process invented by the “White Duke”, he combines theater and contemporary culture, art and design. Leaving the exhibition valuable container Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, the portrait of that artist so creative has left its indelible mark even then your day (but not on a Monday). http://www.mambo-bologna.org/en/mostre/mostra-205/

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