MASTERPIECES OF ART IN THE CENTURIES / URBINO – Piero della Francesca: The Flagellation of Christ

piero.della.francesca.1.1“Flagellation of Christ” is a painting made around 1450 by Piero della Francesca That painting, made with the technique of tempera on panel, is preserved in the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche in Urbino, hosted in the Palazzo Ducale (extraordinary princely residence of the fifteenth century, commissioned by Duke Federico da Montefeltro, lord of Urbino). After the apartment of the guests, you will arrive at the apartment of Duke Frederick. This is the magical place – certainly the most important part of the museum – where the most valuable works are located. In the audience chamber, along with other examples of high art thick, waiting for you the Flagellation of Christ, by Piero della Francesca.


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