POSITANO, STORIES OF A CITY ON THE SEA – Stefan Andres and his “Dead City”, sniffing a seedling of capers

stefanAndres.1The Positano terraces are “a well-built nest with strands of silence”. This is the definition given by Stefan Andres, a German writer who lived a long time on the Amalfi coast. In Positano, Liparlati is the so-called “Dead City district”. He, from his home perched looking right out to the sea, has described those places, even for you. “Dead City”, is an unusual name, which is the result of an event that left empty the houses of the neighborhood. Indeed, it was emptied from the massive emigration, when many inhabitants chose new lands. http://positanoitaly.ca/positano1.1

The walk, in the maze of old streets, leads you to the highest part of the neighborhood, to the cemetery. Stay at this extraordinary place, because it contains the presence of who these places so loved. By reading, you too will discover the Bar Risorgimento and the clock of the bell tower, along with the characters of the country, and you can imagine the procession of Our Lady, sniffing a seedling of capers.http://www.amazon.it/Positano-traduzione-Simonetta-introduzione-bio-bibliografiche/dp/B00MOSSJ0O


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