TIMELESS BOOKS: For the love of the truth, novel by Torgny Lindgren


charlie1.1His characters conceal unsuspected depths, they are questioning the meaning of life, to carry errors and illusions, looking for a paradise on earth, where “the Case” reigns supreme. Leafing through the pages of the novel, you shall know Theodor (the only framer intellectual Sweden), reading that, to him – who lives in a lonely Swedish village – he likes peace, music and art. Certainly, you will be surprised, reading what the randomness can give, always, even where everything flows slowly and predictably. What is painted in a picture, along with his childhood friend, they will walk in the streets of life, venal and manipulative, with this “strange” framer. Perhaps you too, when you read the last page of the book, shalt call yourself the questions that every reader wanted to ask: where is the truth, what is really true?



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