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AUTHOR’S TRIP IN PENNSYLVANIA – An itinerary where the fantastic meets the unusual and the magical

When creative people frame the story of a journey Welcome to our new “author’s journey”, something original that will help you discover the places through the eyes of those who by birth or by vocation know them very well. Located in the northeastern United States, this region boasts great lakes, mountain ranges, and a scenic stretch of the coast of …

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MAKING LOVE, INSIDE A WAR OF MEAT AND STEEL – The ironic compulsion to order by Yolanda Wisher

If a tent show revival of your rapture Various musical forms, such as blues and ragtime, fuel her writing. She thinks, in fact, that a musicality of poetry is possible; she is convinced that the words must be combine with the voice. Yolanda Wisher http://www.yolandawisher.com/about spends her creativity in this way, blending artistic and community activities. From her point of …

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