AS IF THEY WERE AGAIN BETWEEN US – Shades of American creativity, from Cincinnati to Rockland.

“Author’s trip,” memory that surrounds our lives. Have you decided where to go to sleep? Try Kirkwood Inn, http://www.kirkwoodinn.com/ a romantic motel with a complimentary breakfast and an outdoor pool. In this town you can find a large community of working art­ists Cincinnati Opera and a variety of theaters. From its 18th-century beginnings, music was a Cincinnati social and civilizing …

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WILLIAM GLACKENS (1870/1938), AMERICAN PAINTER – Quick brush strokes on intense color palettes

CHEERFUL SUBJECT OF LEISURE ACTIVITIES – WILLIAM GLACKENS – Painting over dark manner, away from social realism WILLIAM GLACKENS 1/3 – He was born in Philadelphia in 1870, where studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and he began his artistic career. In 1895, he went to Paris to deepen the study of European painting. Back in America, his …

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