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WHERE TURNING NEW IDEAS INTO REALITY – Know ability, between Danish creative people

Alternative Denmark, the island of Zealand According to the definition of their government, an island must have vegetation and need to be surround by water at least one meter deep. There are 406 islands in Denmark https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/island-vacations/denmark-islands-europe-best-secret and 70 of them are populated but the rest are uninhabited. The list of Danish islands that gave birth to extremely creative people …

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IN THE SAME WAY AS A RUSSIAN POET – Viggo Stuckenberg: Describing accidents and misfortune, in vivid detail

Writing in biographical content life experiences toghether short and unhappy marriage Has been a royal castle since 1730 and now it is a quiet oasis. Located along the Copenaghen Mill Stream, Sorgenfri Palace https://www.kongeligeslotte.dk/en/palaces-and-gardens/sorgenfri-palace-and-palace-gardens.html it is a wooded landscape garden offers a peaceful and idyllic contrast to urban life. At its northern end is the Queen’s well, where a woman …

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