THE SOUTH AFRICA’S GAUGUIN – Alexis Preller: Painting in unique style, isolated from the artistic movements

Painting way woven out of the mystique of Africa Best things to do in Pretoria? Enter Kruger House, the one-time home of President Paul Kruger, who rose to popularity by leading the Transvaal War against Britain. Hapo at Freedom Park, a museum tells you South African history. Why go to Afroboer? It is a classic place to go, where grab …

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INERT MATTER ON INERT SURFACES, TO CONVEY REAL ENERGY – Judith Mason: To paint in order to make sense of life.

She story of an agnostic humanist possessed of religious curiosity. Her images run the gamut from through representational and starkly symbolic. She matriculated at the Pretoria High School for Girls, and in 1960, she was awarded a BA Degree in Fine Arts. Displaying a rare technical virtuosity, her work is rich in symbolism. JUDITH MASON http://www.judithmason.com/, born in Pretoria into …

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