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The vanity behind appearance, a theme that accompanies us in everyday life The magic of bonfires, their dancing light and the warmth that envelops us remind us of the fleeting nature of life and the beauty of moments shared under the starry sky. Phrases, quotes and aphorisms revolve like sparks around the concept of the Bonfire of the Vanities. For …

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SHORT AND FULLY POETIC MASTERPIECES – Sandro Penna / A strange joy of living, even in pain.

Oracular wisdom verses, inside Epic imprint. Here you find historical structures, museums and attractions such as the Perugina Chocolate Factory https://www.perugina.com/it During the Middle Ages, Perugia was known for its devotion to the development of arts and culture. Here he was called to work Raphael, when he moved between Florence and Perugia. Today it is a small museum dedicated to …

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