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Paul Klee and the art of making visible what is not always visible Among its main exponents, you find André Breton, Salvador Dali, René Magritte, Luis Buñuel and Federico Fellini. Their surreal worlds were condensed into anything that transcended sensible reality, the world of the unconscious and the dream, the absurd or the incredible. That way of nurturing the opportunities …

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SURREALIST REVOLUTION – Irène Hamoir, the leading female exponent of the Belgian surrealist movement

When creativity breaks its shell In 1936, René Magritte painted a portrait of her, Beauty broke her strange casing, gave the fountains pink. Figure of the Belgian surrealist movement, in fact, after studying economics he began working as a secretary in a dyeing factory, later becoming involved in the Belgian socialist movement. She was born in Saint-Gilles from a family …

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