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ISLANDS, HISTORICAL PLACES AND CREATIVITY – An author’s journey together with four Filipino creatives

Not to forget what heaven is Traveling through countries other than your own allows you to meet people and explore the world from a different perspective. Furthermore, each of your trips allows you to have relationships between different cultures and to confront yourself with them. Today we visit places with rice terraces, between many Vulcans and mountains. The paradise islands …

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MADE TO ORDER COUTURE – Rajo Laurel, the Philippine excellence in prêt-à-porter

The dream of becoming a couturier Passionate about his work, he runs a company that blends elegance, romance and luxury. With embroidery, beading and hand painted prints, quality craftsmanship and craftsmanship, he creates clothes at competitive prices. He has designed dresses worn by Tyra Banks, Natalia Zakharova and Dayanara Torres. Winner of numerous fashion awards, he is also known as …

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