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THE REDISCOVERY OF AN ANCIENT ATTITUDE – Five ways to understand Chinese creativity

Chinese fashion, between sorghum and ducks, melodies and an expressionist painter Creativity is the ability to create using an original through imaginative skills. Today’s Chinese culture is comprised of large array of traditions and innovations, all of which are in constant interaction, creating shifting patterns. The Cultivation of Creativity in the Chinese Culture https://www.researchgate.net/publication/291348526_Confucius_and_creativity have roots of its rise to …

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WHEN A NURSING STUDENT BECOME A TURNED-POP SENSATION – Mao Buyi: The cute sang and his melancholy poetic melodies

Rise of ordinary idol, on bumbling way to fame In ancient China, music was intend to perfect youth education. That didactic function also had meanings connected to a delicate balance between Heaven and Earth. Reading the Book of Rites https://ctext.org/liji, you find a chapter on music, where you can read that it is born in the heart of man whose …

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