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FRANKNESS AND SPONTANEITY IN TELUGU CREATIVITY – Where poetry is art, together with sound and rhythm

What Telugu artists perceive, into a travel diary Among the oldest civilizations in the world, this is a multicultural mosaic. With a rich heritage, India is a tourist destination that extends from the Himalayas to tropical rain forests. On the Deccan plateau, the Telangana https://www.telanganatourism.gov.in/ is a state located on the central-southern stretch of the Indian peninsula. Its land is …

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A DIVERSE LIFE – The Krishna Hawlaji Ara intuitive art, imaginative and improvised

The urgency for the honest expression of form Indian vernacular art, based on the traditions and the religion, is based on the collective memory of this group. Painting has a long history in Indian art. Its earliest paintings were the rock paintings in Bhimbetka rock shelters http://www.mptourism.com/tourist-places/bhimbetka-caves-rock-shelters.html. Indian paintings can be classified as murals, miniatures and paintings on cloth. Traces …

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