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IF CREATIVITY ENTERS IN DIALOGUE WITH TRADITION – Japanese imagery, between pop minimalism and retro shades

Like origami, a way of being creative Japanese painting encompasses a wide variety of genres and styles, with ancient paintings including the murals on the interior walls of the Kondō in Ikaruga’s Hōryū-ji temple. Numerous versions of mandalas have been create as scrolls even hung on the walls of temples. At the time of the Kamakura period, the Unkei painter …

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A HAPPY BUTTERFLY, ON THE GLITTERING WIND – Kouji Wada and his adored theme song Butter-Fly

Performing theme songs for anime franchise He died on a Sunday in April; he was 42 and his close relatives held a private funeral service for him. As Japanese rock singer, provided the vocals for numerous songs throughout the Digimon series. Doing a solo presentation, in 2007 made his first show in Brazil. Under the name of Digimon Song Best …

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