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SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS AND ALIENATION OF A GIRL – Risa Wataya: The youngest-ever recipient of Japan’s most prestigious literary award

When a novel depict a troubled girl’s experience with the erotic world of adults Here you will admire the most beautiful gardens in Japan. Moving around its streets, you will find a huge mix of places to eat (from haute cuisine to hole-in-the-wall dumplings). Make the most of your trip to Kyoto, entering a Ryokan, traditional Japanese inns, a quintessential …

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I SUPPOSE I AM THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR DESTROYING MYSELF – Natsuo Kirino: To be afraid of the creatures who masqueraded as people.

In spite of writing in stories in the genre, she does not like mysteries. When you approach the traditional hanami custom (look at the cherry blossoms), find a green area to go to, perhaps reading a novel by Natsuo Kirino. On the picturesque area of Tokyo Bay, the Sarue Onshi Park awaits you https://en.japantravel.com/tokyo/sarue-onshi-park/26328, perfect in spring to admire the …

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