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The elegance they offer you four times a year, or the style you choose Meeting Benches https://www.pinterest.it/dantenevante/ is a place of connection, discovery and inspiration, an invitation to slow down, look around and see the art and beauty that surrounds us. It is a place where benches become bridges between people and their stories. What makes this site different from …

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LOVE FOR FASHION, ITALY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP – Domenico Dolce and Sicily, his inspiring muse

Being born in Sicily, where wherever you go there is beauty One of the most beautiful villages in Sicily, which seems to float above a sea of clouds, is Polizzi Generosa https://www.italythisway.com/places/polizzi.php. Nestled above the Madonie Mountains, it has very ancient origins. Its urban center reminds you of a distant architectural splendor never spent. Its gastronomic heritage offers you Badda …

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