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SCATTERED CREATIVE PEARLS, INTO A FOREST OF REEDS – Five ways to get to know Bangladesh

There is no village without a river, nor a stream and a poet, or popular minstrel Time flows, as do people is lives, like the flow of water in a river. Expressing the perceptions of a community based on experiences in society life, proverbs reveal a common truth. Those sayings walk along orally through the generations, eventually becoming proverbs. In …

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THE LAST ROMANTIC PAINTER – Hemen Majumdar, the artist who popularized the wet sari effect

Intimate works and changed way women depicted in Indian art In the nineteenth century, when Neoclassicism was losing influence in Europe, new generations of creative people were looking for something new. Artists and writers abandoned reason and geometric perfection. Moving away from the perfection of art, they led to the birth of Romanticism https://learnodo-newtonic.com/famous-romanticism-painters. Those creatives continued to use words, …

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