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Paul Klee and the art of making visible what is not always visible Among its main exponents, you find André Breton, Salvador Dali, René Magritte, Luis Buñuel and Federico Fellini. Their surreal worlds were condensed into anything that transcended sensible reality, the world of the unconscious and the dream, the absurd or the incredible. That way of nurturing the opportunities …

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IF SURREALISM IS THE ARTIST’S SELF IMAGE – Kay Sage, a painter between complex architectures and biomorphic forms

A surrealist, disturbing paradoxes and hallucinating qualities Among the many schools she attended, also Foxcroft School https://www.foxcroft.org/, in Virginia. In her paintings, you sometimes find a jumble of objects in the foreground contrasted by others in the distance. Her semi abstract paintings, permeated with a sense of stillness, took motifs and styles from both de Chirico and other surrealist painters, …

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