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Stories of wordless languages and artists who paint like designers The use of mannequins https://lideamagazine.com/il-segreto-di-un-buon-manichino-e-sapere-valorizzato-gli-abiti-che-ondossa-associazione-esclusiva-con-amdrea-bonaveri/, by painters and designers it can be seen as a stylistic and practical choice that serves to enhance the art of fashion and explore broader artistic concepts. Their use, in fashion and art, can be attributed to several practical and conceptual reasons. Mannequins offer an …

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KISSED MOUTH DON’T LOSE ITS FORTUNE – Giovanni Boccaccio / The Decameron.

When farmers allowed one rooster for ten hens. Stendhal’s syndrome, is a psychosomatic disorder that causes dizziness and hallucinations when an individual is exposed to an experience of great personal viewing art. Welcome Florence, while you exposed to the super concentrated works of art. Don’t worry for syndrome, the effects are relatively short-lived, but what you will see remain with …

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