TO KNOW IT WELL, YOU MUST TURN ONLY TO ISTANBUL, AND LOSE YOURSELF – An evening on the Bosphorus, with its languid atmosphere, where to live rare moments that depend on human creativity.

For a single look at the world, it’s Istanbul that you have to look at. The sum of energy and life in the air, the style and behavior of people, make Istanbul special https://www.istanbultouristpass.com/tourist-attractions-in-istanbul. Here, the ruins coexist with the city, captivating travelers and travel writers. In the words of a Turkish poet, the eyes of those who yoy love …

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THE VIRTUAL STORY – Bikem Ekberzade: Becoming know for work on forced migration.

The Refugee Project. Illegal, her 2006 book of photographs, documenting lives of two young African women, trying to survive in Istanbul. Since the 1990s, she has worked with news outlets, also selected as the photographer of the month by European Press Network World Reporter. She is know for her work on forced migration. Born 1971 in Istanbul, BIKEM EKBERZADE https://www.facebook.com/TheVirtualStory/ …

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