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THE FANTASTIC IN ART – Paul Delvaux, a painter poised between the cleverly low and the fascinating

Twentieth century, Surrealism and disturbing landscapes The museum that bears his name, inaugurated in 1982, offers an overview of Paul Delvaux‘s painting productionhttps://www.delvauxmuseum.be/v2/index.php. Visiting it is a unique experience, because it offers you the opportunity to be immerse in the world of this 20th century Belgian surrealist painter. You will be able to observe not only some of his paintings, …

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FLUENCY OF LINE, RHYTHMIC COMPOSITION AND EXPRESSIVE INTENSITY – Rogier van der Weyden: Religious works, secular paintings and wonderful portraits.

Becoming immortal, using a broad range of colours. Cathedral of Our Lady is one of the most striking architectural marvels you will encounter in Tournai www.tournai.be, offering a mix of Romanesque and Gothic designs. Its centerpiece is the Shrine of Our Lady (a 1205 gold-sculpted reliquary). Among the collection the Museum of Fine Arts holds today, are paintings from the …

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