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MAKING LOVE, INSIDE A WAR OF MEAT AND STEEL – The ironic compulsion to order by Yolanda Wisher

If a tent show revival of your rapture Various musical forms, such as blues and ragtime, fuel her writing. She thinks, in fact, that a musicality of poetry is possible; she is convinced that the words must be combine with the voice. Yolanda Wisher spends her creativity in this way, blending artistic and community activities. From her point of …

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THE HEART OF A WOMAN – Maya Angelou, the woman who know why the caged bird sings

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you On the banks of the Mississippi, the Gateway Arch is the symbol of the city of Saint Louis. Built between 1963 and 1965, it symbolizes the West Gate. In Lafayette Square, many of the houses are built in Greek, Revival, Federal and Italian styles. In the city, …

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THE AVAILABILITY TO COMPARE WITH THE HORRIBLE – Louise Glück, insight a severe poetic lyricism.

Writing around the difficult and the painful It was create in the 1930s, during the prohibition period, using many alcoholic components, but with the addition of coca-cola, to make it look like a cold tea. Its final smell appearance resembles that of lemon tea. Long Island Iced Tea is a cocktail based on vodka, gin, white rum and triple sec. …

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UNTIL ONLY INFINITY REMAINED OF BEAUTY – John Ashbery / Writing poems, in the increasingly convincing darkness.

When somewhere someone is traveling furiously toward you. Many of the works on display had never been exhibited before. Recently, an exhibition of artworks from the collection of a famous photographer was opened at the Kasmin Gallery in New York Over the course of his long life, he collected works by a wide range of artists (such as Jane …

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BEAT TO THE SQUARE, SQUARE TO THE BEAT – William Everson / The strange vocation of a Californian poet.

When Poetry become an orchestration into vast, compelling wholes. This former gold-mining centre is now a modern city, but with plenty of reminders of its past. Entering Old Sacramento district, you will discover some old-world charm. Hip urban areas? Midtown, where you can tour craft breweries. Something special? Dragon House, featuring murals and even lamp poles made of fairies. (This …

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