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TEXTURES AND INTRICATE DETAILS – The great painting horizon of Markus Csaba

1POST1MARKUS CSABA 1/4 – Hungarian born and American artist. He is painter and sculptor. As an artist, he works in the field of printmaking, but his work includes oil painting, drawing, glass art and photography. Traveling – also in the creativity – it does not matter where to go, but very matter that the horizon is great. 6POST2MARKUS CSABA 2/4 – He spent the first half of his life in his search for meaning, discovering and embracing fully the Renaissance artists. Perhaps in yourself it happens to perceive what he wants to convey to the viewer the fruits of his creativity: the eternal feminine, in its many forms, both as a mortal woman and as a mythological goddess. 10POST3MARKUS CSABA 3/4 – True. He paints not only to meet the needs of the viewer iconic, but to shake off those that resonate in the soul. He paints using very thin and transparent layers of paint, using as many as 30 layers around the eyes and mouth. Try to observe any female portrait of the Renaissance, but also tries to remember what were the ideals of that historical epoch. 20POST4MARKUS CSABA 4/4 – This is what he did: to observe and remember, to creating this their artistic expressive style, a fusion of Renaissance and classical mythology. If you try to enlarge images of any of his portraits, you see that he works with many layers of colors, textures and intricate details of screen printing. Each piece is enriched with dry pigments and ground glass, but also with platinum or 24-carat gold. You can see more on Meeting Benches, looking for: MARKUS CSABA, HUNGARIAN-AMERICAN PAINTER – Mortal woman and mythological goddess: the eternal feminine in its many forms

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