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SIX SHADES OF MEXICAN CREATIVITY – Where one hand dreams what the other writes

Author’s journey where coincidences sprout on the gears of fate The best time to go is from November to April, during the dry season. A trip to Mexico is essential for tourism lovers. Whether you are draw to the heart of Mayan culture, or its fantastic colonial cities, you will certainly not be disappointed. Of course, you will find that …

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THE LOOK THAT PLACES ON MADNESS, MANIE AND DEVIATIONS – Guadalupe Nettel and the sharpness of referring us to our own obsessions

Between destiny and free will, collecting what we have to live The body in which I was born, https://www.amazon.it/Body-Where-Was-Born/dp/1609807510 is a book in which Guadalupe Nettel https://www.elle.com/it/magazine/libri/a39329227/guadalupe-nettel-libri/ relives with the mind a succession of events inherent to her own youth, between Mexico and France, confronting some utopias of the 70s. In the pages of this novel by her, perhaps you …

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