A MAP IN YOUR HAND, NORWEGIAN CREATIVES IN YOUR MIND – Oslo, Bergen and Bremanger, waiting for the wonder of Vågå.

Travel Norway, because shoes is not sewn in same way. This is an http://meetingbenches.com/ journey, where creative places and people invite you to travel. After our author’s journey in Iceland, your basket of memories will enrich with something new, this time crossing the rainbow that embrace Norway. The traditional costume of Norway is bunad, word covers traditional garb of a …

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BRIGHTER PAINTING STYLE, THROUGH COLOUR AND MOOD – Nikolai Astrup, the lost artist of Norway.

Eerie and sublime Scandinavian landscape. From this place, you can see Bjørsetfjellet (a mountain that presents in many of the paintings of a Norwegian painter. Astruptunet http://www.artiststudiomuseum.org/studio-museums/astruptunet/, is the place where a very creative man bought his farm. In 1914, he and his family moved into a building there of logs that had only one room. Until his death, the …

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