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Raphael, between combining idealized reality, naturalism and refined expressiveness Located in the hills of the Marche region of Italy, Urbino https://www.italyheaven.co.uk/lemarche/urbino/ is an architectural jewel that played a vital role during the Renaissance. Of this fascinating city you cannot help but appreciate the historic center and the Renaissance walls, still almost intact, which enclose an urban complex of extraordinary homogeneity. …

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THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE HUMAN SOUL AND SWEAT – Ilaria Facci, between Art Photography and Self Portraits

Photographic atmospheres, between mannerism and symbolism In her photographic works you find flesh and blood that dance creatively, on the verge of collapse. The artist, human rights activist and traveler, Ilaria Facci https://it.ilariafacciart.com/ was born in Rome in 1982. After suffering from retinoblastoma and losing her left eye, she moved to Buenos Aires with my mother and sister. In 2000 …

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