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KOREAN WAYS TO SAY I CREATE – The many avenues of artistic imagination, in South Korea

People, raw materials, accessories and tools for South Korean creativity The canon of beauty that concerns the human being collects the most desirable characteristics of physical beauty; yet, it has expressed itself in various forms in history and in artistic expressions. The Korean ideal of beauty connected to white and glowing skin contributes to social success. Contemplating Korean beauty and …

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CELEBRATING THE WONDER OF BEING ALIVE – Ku Sang, one of Korea’s most trusted poets

If poetry tries to capture the realm of faith Korea has produced a poet of great originality. The simplicity of Ku Sang‘s http://anthony.sogang.ac.kr/Kubio.htm poetic world has meant that until quite recently his work was undervalue among readers eager for poetry. His parents were Catholics and his elder brother a priest, but he underwent a crisis of faith during his student …

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