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IF CREATIVITY ENTERS IN DIALOGUE WITH TRADITION – Japanese imagery, between pop minimalism and retro shades

Like origami, a way of being creative Japanese painting encompasses a wide variety of genres and styles, with ancient paintings including the murals on the interior walls of the Kondō in Ikaruga’s Hōryū-ji temple. Numerous versions of mandalas have been create as scrolls even hung on the walls of temples. At the time of the Kamakura period, the Unkei painter …

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SURREALISM PAINTERS BEYOND BORDERS – Kikuji Yamashita, a Surrealist painter of postwar art movement in Japan

A surrealist painter associated with the postwar avant-garde art movement in Japan Although he painted hundreds of canvases, he avoided seeking commercial success, surviving economically as an artist thanks to his wife’s beautician earnings. In 1953, he joined many young artists to form the Young Artists’ Alliance art cooperative, which for three years held exhibitions and published a magazine entitled …

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