WRITING WITH WRYNESS THE EVERYDAY HUMAN FOIBLES – Gillian Tindall, a lucid and formal prose, melted in movement

Reflect on a lifetime’s interest, in historical recovery If you too think that bookstores are magical places, in which to savor the knowledge of the centuries, your stay in London needs some more photographic shots, because Daunt Books https://dauntbooks.co.uk/our-shops/ is the most photographed bookshop in the city. The charming three-story building has windows that illuminate the rooms with natural light. …

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I SIT DOWN PEACEFULLY WITH MY BOOK – Edward James / When soon ideas you begin to see.

Medicate me, with a peaceful pile of letters. When his father died, he inherited a huge property in Sussex. The Prince of Wales reputedly fathered EDWARD JAMES. He was born in West Dean House estate (Sussex), into an August day, 1907. Growing, he become a British poet, best known for his patronage of the surrealist art movement. In the early …

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