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ISLANDS, HISTORICAL PLACES AND CREATIVITY – An author’s journey together with four Filipino creatives

Not to forget what heaven is Traveling through countries other than your own allows you to meet people and explore the world from a different perspective. Furthermore, each of your trips allows you to have relationships between different cultures and to confront yourself with them. Today we visit places with rice terraces, between many Vulcans and mountains. The paradise islands …

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SYMBOLS, POEMS AND DETAILS – When poetic language merges with everyday life

Edith Tiempo, the mother of Philippine literature In 1962, she and her husband founded the Silliman National Writers Workshop in Dumaguete City, an initiative that helped bring out the best writers of the Philippines. Her poems are transfigurations of significant experiences. Born in Bayombong in April 1919, Edith Tiempo was a Filipino poet who received the 1999 National Artist Award …

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