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ALBERT GLEIZES (1881/1953), FRENCH CUBIST PAINTER – The multiplicity of pictorial points of view

AN SELF-TAUGHT MAN, AMONG THE LEADING REPRESENTATIVES OF CUBISM – Albert Gleizes: from the fervor of the Salon des Indépendants to the quiet of Saint-Rémy de Provence ALBERT GLEIZES 1/3 – Frenchman, who was born in Paris was greatly influenced by Cézanne, before becoming a painter linked to the Cubist movement. His first paintings were impressionist landscapes, but he broke …

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FOCUSING ON LIGHT AS AN ELEMENT OF THE PICTURE – Emilio Pettoruti, oscillating between the lyrical and the spiritual

EMILIO PETTORUTI 1/3 – He was born in La Plata in a prosperous middle-class Italian family. He dropped out of his local Academy of Fine Arts, when he was a teenager, becoming one of Argentina’s most prominent 20th-century painters. In 1913, he was awarded a travel scholarship to Italy (where he studied Renaissance painters in Florence). His 1924 cubist exhibition …

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EMILIO PETTORUTI (1892/1971), ARGENTINIAN PAINTER – without gauchos, cows and horses

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