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Drawing, writing and storytelling In Greek mythology, the Muses were nine goddesses who presided over different art forms. Some have suggested that the ninth muse could be photography, cinema or television. Why not comics – which combines elements of drawing, writing and storytelling to create a unique art form – defined by some art critics as the ninth art? Frescoes …

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TO COMBINE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART – Maria Saggese and the art of making the invisible visible

Enlighten creativity with light Light Painting explores all that is hidd from human eyes. Conceived for her, she discovers occult and evocative meanings; her photographs are an open door to the invisible. She investigates beyond superficiality, probes the essential, seeks beauty.Through her skilful evanescence, and light makes the invisible visible. She is an original photographer. Maria Saggese https://mariasaggese.com/ tuned her …

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