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AN ELECTRONIC MUSIC BORN WITH COLORFUL FRUIT – The universe has been very kind to give us to each other!

A duo made up of twins Miriam and Olivia Nervo “Nervo” is a cross reference of Latin and Greek elements, but it also means something in the musical world. The passion of both twins has always been music. Their interest in electronic dance music seems to stem from their common passion for colorful fruit. Born to Italian parents and raised …

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STRUGGLING WITH FAME – Dami Im: Well, I had better try to see how far this would take me

When feel like you have become an Olympian The soundscape is the acoustic property of a place; its perception is the result of its physical, biological and human dynamics. Any of our travels also includes this kind of experience that, over time, turns into memory. Our travel companions can be the flow of water in a river, the wind in …

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LOVING VISUAL GAGS AND GIMMICKS – Sia Kate Isobelle Furler: Sensitive, is easily upset and insulted.

Hoping to be a psychotherapist’s dream. Welcome in Hindmarsh Square 132/39 Grenfell St, Adelaide. With 40 years of continual service, is always looking forward into the future. Started out in the 70’s as a street guitar store, Derringers Music https://derringers.com.au/derringers-music-adelaide-city-store bloomed into modern trends and technical innovations. They would like to think that store has played a part in many …

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