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FOCUSING ON LIGHT AS AN ELEMENT OF THE PICTURE – Emilio Pettoruti, oscillating between the lyrical and the spiritual

EMILIO PETTORUTI 1/3 – He was born in La Plata in a prosperous middle-class Italian family. He dropped out of his local Academy of Fine Arts, when he was a teenager, becoming one of Argentina’s most prominent 20th-century painters. In 1913, he was awarded a travel scholarship to Italy (where he studied Renaissance painters in Florence). His 1924 cubist exhibition …

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BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION – Mendoza, Argentina: watching the Andes, drinking good Malbec wine

Famous opera singer, famous cartoonist and well known conceptual art painter. Veronica Cangemi, Joaquín Salvador Lavado (better known as Quino) and Julio Le Parc are born under the same bright sky of Mendoza, city, which is over a thousand kilometers from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. https://www.welcomeargentina.com/index_i.html Arriving to the city, you will experience very hot summers and cool …

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