STEPS UNDER WATER – Novel by Alicia Kozameh

Corporeality of memory, resistance and survival Like other countries in South America, Argentina was under a dictatorship. Following the dictatorship footsteps, you  will meet people and places, such as symbols of the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, or the ESMA, a former training school for mechanics in the armed forces northern Buenos Aires, where disappeared were held. Parque de …

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MANIPULATION, MEMORY AND METAMORPHOSIS – Silvina Ocampo: Writing brutal stuff, but you will find yourself wanting to read more.

Dark issues poems and short stories always are not light reading. Visiting Buenos Aires, maybe also your olfactives spotlight shines on homegrown ingredients from across the country of steak. You too can step through its wooden doors and come face to face with all sizes of steaks sizzling on the indoor parrilla. Don Julio http://www.parrilladonjulio.com/, it is Buenos Aires’ mecca …

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