October 29, 2020 12:15 am
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MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT: The woman who had sinned twice

On 30 August 1797, a priest was deeply convinced that the death of a woman named Mary – died in childbirth – it was attributable to a divine punishment. She was born in London on a spring day, the April 27, 1759, at the age of 28 years, he had published a book, Reflections on the education of daughters, that …

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SCRUTINIZE INSIDE: With Anais, flipping through the pages of his life

Dying of cancer in Los Angeles at the age of 73 years. Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, to parents of Cuban origin. These are the parentheses that enclose the extraordinary life of a fascinating woman, a writer who at the age of 26 years, she living into the Paris of Antonin Artaud, DH Lawrence, Henry Miller, June Mansfield and Otto Rank. It …

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