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YOUR CREATIVE RUSSIAN JOURNEY – The beauty of nature, between the fingers of five people who have embellished the history of their country.

Russia, where for a long while the feeling may remain. This time, our author’s journey will take you through much of Russia. Starting from the distant latitude of Tiksi, in the Arctic, we will be able to enrich our experience with the hidden joys of Saransk, up to Moscow, where a real “dip” awaits us in the purest beauty, between …

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WHEN BEAUTY STOOD BENEATH A WINDOW – Valery Bryusov: Never have agreed that true religion demands outward manifestations.

If in the world there exists a beauty for enchantment, then how might one describe it? In 1900, he came to be revered by Symbolists as an authority in matters of art, becaming editor of the influential literary magazine Vesy. Between 1885 and 1893, he received an excellent education, studying in Moscow gymnasiums. VALERY BRYUSOV, Russian poet and prose writer …

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