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REMEDIOS VARO (1908/1963), SPANISH PAINTER – Painting a very personal surrealism

METAMORPHOSIS OF THE FEMALE FIGURE AND SHADES OF ALCHEMY – Imagination within the parameters of surrealism – REMEDIOS VARO REMEDIOS VARO 1/3 – Anglès, small town in Catalonia, is the place, where she was born in 1908. She became a famous surrealist painter, especially active in Mexico. As a young woman, she was interested in drawing, she was only 15 …

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RAMON CASAS I CARBO (1866/1932), SPANISH PAINTER – Catalan Modernism and avant-garde movements

AT THE GATE OF SPANISH PICTORIAL MODERNISM – Between portraits and caricatures RAMON CASAS I CARBO 1/3 – He was the son of a wealthy family and soon revealed his inclination to art. He had become famous for his paintings on social revolts, but he was also graphic designer of billboard poster and postcards. His 64-year-old parenthesis opens and closes …

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MARUJA MALLO (1902/1995), SPANISH PAINTER – Painting with imagination, emotion and sensuality

PRECIOUS AND ADMIRABLE PAINTINGS, EVEN FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL RANGE MARUJA MALLO 1/3 – She was born in Viveiro (Lugo) in 1902. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Fernando, interacting with poets and artists (like Salvador Dali and the poet Méndez Shell), and tightening a deep bond of friendship with Rafael Alberti, with whom she had an important …

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CARMEN LAFFON DE LA ESCOSURA (1934), SPANISH FIGURATIVE PAINTER – One of the pillars of Lyrical Realism

WOMAN WHO MADE THE SPANISH HISTORY OF ART AND SOCIETY – The Andalusian woman painter of intimate environments, gardens, still life and ponds CARMEN LAFFON DE LA ESCOSURA 1/3 – Her beginnings in painting took place at the age of 12, under the care of a valentine painter. She was born in Seville and is a Spanish figurative painter …

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GEORGES COROMINAS  George Corominas is the son of a Spanish painter. He was born in 1945. After studying in Algeria at the National School of Fine Arts of Algiers, he returned to France in 1962, where his paintings were quickly noticed. He portrays personages that resemble nobility in wonderful and colorful landscapes. His paintings resemble tales, enchanting fables, that lead …

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