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Discovering lost treasure. During your visit to the Ajanta caves, think it the best place to stay. Rooms size good, beds comfortable. If youare planning to stay here, please take care especially during nights: Ajanta Tourist Resort it is know for snakes and other reptiles. Visiting Mahatma Gandhi Gardens (15 km from the resort), you will find beautiful garden …

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PICKING THE PERFECT ROUTE – Starting Amritsar, through New Delhi, until Kolkata: journey into Indian creativity.

Where Creativity stems from diversity India packs a lot and you’ll never have time to see it all on one trip. Here everything is recycled, even dreams. As he said Kiran Millwood Hargrave, India is a place where color is doubly bright. Pinks that scald your eyes, blues you could drown in. Visiting this country, you too can discover time …

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MEETING INDIAN PEOPLE, GREAT BY CREATIVITY – Travel India, where man is great by deeds, not by birth.

Moving through conch shell carving, Kalighat paintings and Bengali saree. This was once a prosperous kingdom. It is here that Meerabai (the poetess and most famous devotee of Lord Krishna), was born. Merta is famous for the Charbuja Temple (located in the city centre). Also the mosque alongwith the other Hindu shrines form an important tourist attraction. In this land, …

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TOP 10 STUNNING STAIRCASES IN THE WORLD – Just look at that view

Stairs really does not like travelers or locals. But some stairs are so impressive, that they have become a major attraction and people seek them for themselves. Play of colors, unusual design or legend that is associated with them, all will force you to climb them and the visit will be one of the best experiences ever. Hawaii’s breathtaking but …

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