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ANABASIS – DISPATCH FROM THE INSIDE   No, not a new book, indeed, it has more than two thousand years, but it tells us about the everyday things, the ones that wrap around relentlessly the nature of men. A writer Greek, two thousand years before now, has created an adventure book, a classic of literature, a dip in the emotions, …

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THE DEAF SOUND OF THE BATTLE: Novel by Antonio Scurati

THE SOUND DEAF OF THE BATTLE   The detail and concrete narrative, carrying the reader in the fifteenth century Italian, but chapter after chapter details those same touch our daily lives. Leafing through the pages of this novel, we’ll discover what the advent of gunpowder had produced in the exercise of those distant years, but the twisting inner those who …

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THE LIBRARY OF THE DEAD By Glenn Cooper – North Publishing House , 439 pages His first novel , the one where a New York detective weaves his story with that of a young colleague. Both are on the trail of a serial killer , but also on the outstanding issues in their respective lives. The story has its own …

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THE SCENT OF LEAVES OF LEMON: Novel by Clara Sanchez

THE SCENT OF LEAVES OF LEMON By Clara Sanchez  – A thriller in which two generations comparing their scents existential, where the different seasons of life of the two protagonists offer the reader the intertwining of their emotions and their weaknesses. The horror of the Nazi concentration camp universe and the wonder of a child in the womb of a …

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SEVEN TENTH: Inside oceans and human bodies

SEVEN TENTH Seven -tenths of the globe are covered by the ocean. Seven tenth of the human body are made of water. And ‘ from this premise that the author spazie for the oceans describing travel in the seas , speaking of abysses and cliffs , coasts and islands , places that evoke the mystery in us that everything turns …

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I read it for you   EdizioniPendragon, 2001-96 pages The ATLAS OF THE WORLD INSIDE This book of absolute originality is at first sight an atlas. But a closer look at the names that appear on the maps – rivers, mountains, lakes and cities – are nothing more than moments in the life of each of us, emotions and thoughts …

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