PARMA’S SPRING AND FIRST LOVE, TO MAKE YOU HAPPY – Where to eat a box of chocolate liqueurs, in one go

You have the universe if you see Parma, in Italy

In Parma, a place of inestimable artistic value, the Palazzetto Sanvitale is full of frescoes, but among them do not miss a Madonna and Child, painted by Parmigianino in 1524. You can deepen your knowledge of this painter by entering the Abbey of San Giovanni Evangelista (a Benedictine complex in the historic center of the city), where the first chapel shows the arch which he frescoed, with Sant’Agata and the executioner and Saints Lucia and Apollonia. One of his delicious cherubs from 1522 is visible in the dome of this church.

Not far from Parma, the Bardi Fortress is a spectacular example of architecture You will be able to observe the landscape of the wide valley, which has remained almost intact, since Parmigianino frescoed an altarpiece there. In 1540, that painter with a troubled life, who lived his artistic trajectory between classicism and mannerism, wanted to be buried in Casalmaggiore in the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Fontana, on the banks of the Po river

Following in the footsteps of the painter Parmigianino, you will also have the opportunity to get to know the flavors and smells of his native land. The cuisine of Parma, one of the capitals of good food, offers you products and recipes with an unforgettable flavor, such as fried cake is normally served as an appetizer. Among the first dishes most loved by Parmesans do not miss the anolini in broth (two overlapping layers of pasta stuffed with Parmigiano Reggiano and grated bread, egg yolk and beef stew sauce).

A second dish with an intense flavor is the Rose of Parma Among the Parma desserts, spongata is a cake with a taste of walnuts and pine nuts, raisins and cedar peel. The Rosso Colli di Parma wine, perfectly accompanies these local specialties. Combining art with eating well, the elegant La Porta di Felino restaurant awaits you with its marvelous pumpkin vegetables, stuffed rabbit and a small shop where you can buy bottles of good wine.

Walking through its National Gallery you can discover many masterpieces, from the middle Ages onwards. Its Baptistery is an octagonal-based prism, entirely in pink Verona marble. In Parma, the charismatic city with a humid and subtropical climate, among the places to visit you will also discover Piazza del Duomo, one of the best preserved medieval scenarios in Italy

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