A CLEVER BLEND OF BEAUTY, INNOCENCE AND FRAGILITY – Minjae Lee: Always experimenting new materials and ways to do things

Finding inspiration in human face, abstract movement and color

Its underground markets, always pulse with a chaotic and old world vibe. Here, “pali pali” (meaning quick, quick), it is a way of life. With its pulsing creative energy, Seoul (the Asian city that never sleeps), moves at a pace that rivals the world’s busiest. Near the Han River (to the west of downtown),  Hap Jeong area it is beautiful, full of cafes and stores that you won’t find anywhere else. Maybe, you will encounter painter Minjae Lee, close to you, while drinking a coffe.

There is something about thoughtful pose (and dreamy gaze) of his womans, that capture your attention. He made his work only for himself (that is still how he draw to this day). Born into a January day 1989 in Jinhae (South Korea), he lives and works in Seoul. Inside his work overall is drama. He is a young artist whose work expresses a disturbing inner tension. Minjae Lee https://www.deviantart.com/greno89 it capture you with his colors, through loud and aggressive imagery beauty.

His bold use of color is always a direct expression of mood and emotion. Being very strict at Asian faces because she is Asian, he like Caucasian and Asian faces. He uses old-fashioned tools (such as markers, crayons and acrylics), to create his illustrations. At just 22 years old, Minjae Lee https://www.grenomj.com/ is growing as a self-taught artist by work filled with powerful colors and aggressive scenes. Ethereal females that populate his work exude a dark tension.

Interacting on an emotional level, looking his paintings we are drawn in, looking for something. Not many people accepted his using way colors. He have loved color since was 7 year old. Now, he always use markers. One day, Minjae Lee https://www.facebook.com/grenomj/ found markers, loving them because of the vivid colors they had produced. Through his work, he want people to feel what she feel. You too can have something of him by typing https://www.icanvas.com/canvas-art-prints/artist/minjae-lee?product=canvas&sort=popular.

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