MAKE AN INTERESTING NOVEL, WITH NO MEN IN IT AT ALL – Finola Moorhead: When you preferred writing to teaching.

An reading twist, that is sure to entertain.

It holds holds a market day in the main street, which attracts hundreds of people. Is know for its “village atmosphere” and its beautiful beaches. Is a seaside town on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. Mornington is a popular tourist destination to visit the area’s bay beaches and wineries. Why not give yourself a Finola Moorhead book by going to the Farrells Bookshop, where they have a range of quality paper available if you need that book wrapped for a special occasion.  She was born here, and with Remember the Tarantella she will leave a powerful imprint on your travel memories.

Toghether her three siblings, she was brought up by her single mother. During the 1980s, she was a radical feminist and participated in the women’s liberation movement. Her topics include women and writing, switching between reality and fiction. Born 1947 in Mornington (Victoria), into a Catholic family with Socialist leanings, FINOLA MOORHEAD is an Australian novelist, poet and reviewer, with themes of subversion and survival. During the protests, which were occurring over the Vietnam War, she transferred to the University of Tasmania, graduated with a degree in Arts.

She travelled around Australia spending time with writers, before accepting a position on a magazine. She was a Victorian Premier’s Prize for Fiction laureate in 1991. FINOLA MOORHEAD was employed as a teacher before starting her professional writing career in 1973. In 1987, she wrote book Remember the Tarantella (lesbian fictional novel which has a lead character whose name begins with “I”). Among her works, the novels A Handwritten Modern Classic, Still Murder and Darkness More Visible.

A work of feminist, lesbian fiction, this experimental novel explores the lives of 26 women, during the 1980s. Novel Remember the Tarantella, leads readers on a merry dance, to keep away the forces of death, but really, it is a dance of thrilling life. A visionary novel of startling energy and passion. Its form shaped to its own image. It is a novel written in the tradition of Jeanette Winterson, giving an interpretation of how it was life for twenty-six women during the early 1980s.

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