UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL – Lee Chung Chung: When clothes are no longer just daily necessity.

Korean label available worldwide, but in Korea there is only one store.

To find Korean Fashion & Clothing in Seoul? Dongdaemun District, https://www.agoda.com/hotels-near-dongdaemun-market/attractions/seoul-kr.html?cid=-218, with more than 25 shopping malls and 30,000 local boutiques where you will find everything (from silk fabrics to pet products). At night, the area delivers vibrant nightlife with musical performances and even fashion shows. Do not forget nearby malls, like Doota Mall and Migliore Dongdaemun.

Tagging his fashion designer father on his inspiration trips, it was a part of life for LEE CHUNG CHUNG. Born 1967 in Seoul, he ommencing his design career in menswear, where solidified his tailoring skills. He like mixing up contrasting concepts. Upon the introduction of his first collection, he received critical acclaim by fashion magazines. Now, his line https://liecollection.com/ is distribute across the globe.

Being playful, mixing, and matching, is the whole idea of his brand. While he is no drama actor, he is a rising star in the fashion industry in Korea. Son of a Korean fashion designer, LEE CHUNG CHUNG https://lie.clothing/ growing up being in the father’s office world of fashion, and studied Art & Design at London Central Saint Martin’s College.

His designs https://liecollection.com/about/ are dedicate to all independent women. LEE CHUNG CHUNG offers women of all age’s accessible luxury fashion, to feel comfortable with themselves. After dabbling in menswear for a few years, after graduating from college.He owns a womenswear label called LIE SANGBONG, which stands for love, identity and ego.

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