CHARLES BLACKMAN (1928/2018), AUSTRALIAN FIGURATIVE PAINTER – The dream of his life was the dream of all Australian lives.

Working into the Antipodeans group, best known for his Schoolgirl and Alice in Wonderland series.

Sydney’s a beautiful place to live, where you can find many things to do, from kayaking on the harbour to cocktails with a view. During your trip, you can see Sydney Harbour by night, when it takes on a whole new magnitude. Visiting Carriageworks Farmers Market (the busiest Saturday market in the city), you can find its range of seasonal produce (including biodynamic foods from farmers and producers from across New South Wales). Just under this crystalline sky, a famous Australian figurative painter was born.

In his fading light he did little else than draw ghostly static schoolgirl shape, boats and cats and windows. For him, the artist’s job is to discover new meaning in his life. Born on August day, 1928 in Sydney (Australia), growing largely self-taught, and became an illustrator at the Sun newspaper. By using exaggerated angles and strong directional light, CHARLES BLACKMAN conveys narrative events from his character’s point of view. Today, his works are held in the collections of the National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne) and the Tate Gallery in London.

Through their rejection of the trend in abstraction and expressionism in art, CHARLES BLACKMAN was part of a radical set of artists in Melbourne, who gained influence in the Australian art scene through the 60s. In 1959, he collaborated with a number of figurative artists (such as John Brack and Robert Dickerson), to create The Antipodeans group, against Australian artists adopting American Abstract Expressionism. He was like an Cheshire Cat: loving to wander through the chasms of intricate and incredibly deep feeling mind.

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