ALL LIFE – Romance by Alberto Savinio

The modernization of life, a continuous demonic complication

In Rome, in the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, you will find the largest collection of contemporary Italian art. In its rooms you can see the great masterpieces of the only Italian museum dedicated entirely to modern art. In Room 14 (dedicated to Giorgio De Chirico and the Metaphysics), along with the many works you will find those of Carrà, Giorgio Morandi and Andrea Francesco Alberto de Chirico.

That young man, brother of the painter Giorgio de Chirico, was born on an August day in 1891, but when he died in Rome in May 1952, that Italian writer, painter and composer was known by the name of ALBERTO SAVINIO. In 1905, at the death of his father his family, he moved to Munich, where that young intellectual engaged in the study of Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche.

ALBERTO SAVINIO moved to Paris in 1911, coming into contact with Picasso and Picabia, Max Jacob and Guillaume Apollinaire. In 1914 he presented himself under the pseudonym of Alberto Savinio, publishing his writings in the magazine Les Soirées de Paris. After the end of the First World War he had settled in Rome, where he had published his own narrative texts. At the end of the Second World War, the cultural critic of the Corriere della Sera continued. His art was characterized by the taste of the unknown, the unmasking of bourgeois certainties and the tendency to irony.

Perhaps you, as well as one of the characters in the novel All life, you find yourself projected between dream and reality, seeing melt into its narrative plot the difficult problems of life. You will discover that this reading is a beautiful testimony to the literary talent of a writer, as well as his ability to penetrate the microcosm of the animate. This book by ALBERTO SAVINIO represents the mature creation of his narrative vein, luxuriant with images, in balance between reality and hallucination. All those stories are full of animism, something more than a literary expression in the style of a writer.

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