AN EXCITING CANADIAN JOURNEY – From the Irving House in New Westminster to the Art Gallery in Hamilton

A creative impulse that generates sounds, colors and words, even between bears and whales

In the hinterland of Vancouver the northern forests dominate the landscape, with endless expanses of ancient trees where Kermode albino bears live, along with the Grizzlies and giant elks. Even a journey between bears and whales is a suggestive experience. The holiday in Canada is synonymous with adventure in a space where nature is the queen that reigns supreme, offering exceptional and surprising performances. Our proposal offers you the departure from New Westminster and the arrival in Hamilton, a author’s journey under the Canadian skies where two painters, a writer and a singer gave sounds, colors and words to their creative impulse.

Our itinerary begins here, where before the settlers arrived, the area was inhabited by the Native Americans Qayqayt. You are in the Burrard Peninsula, on the north bank of the Fraser River. New Westminster is a town of historical importance in British Columbia. The main feature of its New Westminster Museum and Archives is the 1865 Irving House (the oldest intact home of the Lower Lower Mainland).

From casual to refined cuisine, New Westminster offers a generous selection of Italian and Indian, Chinese, Japanese or German restaurants. This is a city full of chefs who serve carefully prepared dishes to amaze you, as at the D Roti Shak, Caribbean-inspired restaurant (but also with Creole and Indian influences), where every bite offers freshness and flavor. Do not forget to try some of their Caribbean drinks, like sorrel which is made of flowers.

She is best known for her modernist tale, Double Hook, a novel that marked the beginning of contemporary writing in Canada. SHEILA MARTIN WATSON, novelist, critic and teacher, was born in 1909 in New Westminster. His themes are presented in a realistic and symbolic style. After studying in Vancouver, he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia.

Her mother’s ancestors were Scottish and Irish, while her father was from the Norwegian family. Daughter of Myrtle Marguerite and William Andrew Anderson, JONI MITCHELL was born on a November day 1943 in Fort Macleod. After World War II, her father’s work took the family to the cities of Maidstone, where many of the city’s residents were native American people.

Its area was inhabited long before a permanent settlement was established, of which archaeological work is ongoing in Wanuskewin Heritage Park. Saskatoon is the largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. One of the city’s landmarks is the Delta Bessborough Hotel, one of the last railway hotels to be started before the Great Depression of the 1930s. Here you can visit the Mendel Art Gallery, a permanent collection that has surpassed 5,000 works of art. The painter and musician Joni Mitchell defines Saskatoon as her hometown.

His works become the focal point of the space, attracting you to discover what is behind the design. By painting, he examines the issues that preoccupy human beings (such as the passing of time, death, sexuality and religion). MARCELO SUAZNABAR has made several individual exhibitions, in which he managed to show a good number of works. Some of these works are exhibited at the Durham Art Gallery.

At Newmarket you can see a reconstruction of the first Canadian villages that recalls the traditions and architecture of the rural past of Ontario. Between green and dirt roads, the Black Creek Pioneer Village complex has the charm of times gone by. Its buildings are furnished in the style of the era. Do not forget to visit the tinsmith’s shop and the Half Way House (a white inn with veranda).

His creative workshop is located south of the city of Newmarket. He started exploring watercolors, pastels and colored pencils, focusing on painting animals, houses and portraits. Born in Bolivia in 1970, since he was a child, MARCELO SUAZNABAR had a passion for drawing. Focusing on this passion as the main vehicle of his creations, he became an artist with a passion for surrealism.

Following the modern school of sunlit effects and in absolute sincerity, her style was broad and simple. While recognizing the new woman of the modernist age, she had drawn her object from the tradition of impressionist women. HELEN GALLOWAY MCNICOLL, daughter of David McNicoll and Emilie Pashley, was born on a December day in Toronto. Around 1885, her family moved to Montreal.

Toronto is a tidy city, its grid of checkerboard roads makes it a city easy to get around, in which orientation is not complicated. Toronto is a city full of things to see. Maple syrup, zoo and aquarium, Yorkville and Queen Street, the CN Tower and the banks of Ontario. Not only. The St. Lawrence Market opened its doors in 1845, home to fifty stalls that offer every day the best to find the local gastronomy.

DESI DI NARDO was born in Toronto in 1972, her poems were presented in schools all over Canada and translated into foreign languages. His relationship with the natural world is a constant element during much of his work. As you can perceive by reading his words, complex feelings and nuanced speculations about life are explored through observations concerning plants, animals and lakes.  Your special dinner in Toronto? Biagio Restaurant, where tradition wants to serve the real Italian cuisine (such as risotto and veal, ossobuco or Florentine) and many other succulent specialties. A museum of ancient and contemporary art? You will have to go also to Dundas Street West 317, to find the Art Gallery of Ontario. In his collections you will also find the works of Tom Thomson.

HELEN GALLOWAY MCNICOLL began her first artistic training at the Art Association of Montreal, where, in contrast to the prevailing type of female painting, she had constantly undergone new problems of light and beauty. In 1914, she was elected associate member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Her paintings are found in the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa) and in the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

For a refreshing memory of your trip, you can go to the south / west of Hamilton, at the Wolfhead Distillery a place that offers you some excellent liqueurs, craft beers and unique local foods. You can also visit their store, bringing home a bottle or two of these products. The decor is really nice, with high ceilings that make the atmosphere vibrant. When choosing your souvenirs, contact the bartender, as he is always well informed about the best drinks. The address? 7781 Howard Avenue, Amherstburg.

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