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A spontaneous style, which creates the idea of immediate naturalness

WINSLOW HOMER 1/3 – He was interested in painting man in difficult situations, in contact with nature, marine landscapes, fishermen and their families. He began painting as a self-taught artist, but since 1857 he began collaborating as an illustrator in several newspapers. Born in Boston in 1836, he became a painter, illustrator and engraver. His characters were drawn in simple shapes, in contrast to lights and shadows. “Artists Sketching in the White Mountains” (1868 oil painting) is visible in the Portland Museum of Art

WINSLOW HOMER 2/3 – Moving to New York in 1859, he continued to create illustrations for books and newspapers, opening his own art studio. During the American Secession War, he visited the front lines of the front, painting battle scenes and military life. During the year in Paris, he admired the works of the Impressionists, having in common their interest in natural light and painting from the truth. Since 1873 the use of watercolors has become as important to him as oil painting. You can admire beautiful series of his watercolors in the Metropolitan Museum in New York

WINSLOW HOMER 3/3 – His spontaneous style creates the idea of immediate naturalness. In England, his interest in the sea on the coast of Northumberland, pushed him to paint fishermen and their families. He moved to the village of Prout’s Neck (on the Maine Coast) and  painted his famous marine landscapes, but also the drama of man’s struggle against the forces of nature.

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