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ROUTES OF ART – The West American Creative Men

From the Atlantic coast to the American Old West

Our art itinerary begins in Florida, where painter DAVID YORKE enjoyed expressing himself through design and craftsmanship. He studied Advertising Graphics at the University of Florida, but his interest in the American West started shortly after graduation, during a trip across several Southwestern states. To buy one of his paintings, you can visit the Plainsmen Gallery in Dunedin.

Before we continue our journey into the American creativity, we stop here to have a wonderful dinner. Where? Bon Appètit Restaurant (148 Marina Plaza). This seaside restaurant offers casual meals (but in a sophisticated environment) with crisp linen, sparkly covered and stunning sea views.

Welcome to Washington DC where self-taught ALBERT BIERSTADT began working as a designer. His famous painting is called “Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains” and you can admire it at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

In New York, stay in a romantic hotel makes your stay special. The Jane is a nostalgic hotel in Greenwich Village. Five blocks south of Central Park, the London NYC, it has large rooms (if you’re lucky, even with the view over Central Park). An exceptional place to stop for a getaway out of time.

In New York ALBERT BIERSTADT had turned his studio into a museum, where people could see his paintings in the midst of artifacts made by Native Americans. “The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak,” is an oil painting on canvas, visible at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Then we arrive to Boston, where we can visit a museum Museum of Fine Art here. Demonstrating America’s natural wonders could rival the great ruins of Europe, there are on display works of ALBERT BIERSTADT of Yosemite and Sierra Nevada.

Visiting Detroit we find the traces of KIM FUJIWARA, who was born and raised here. His first commission came from a client, who admired the portraits he painted. His influences were Marvel comics, Monster films, psychedelic rock posters, creepy and Mad magazines. Famous is his “Storm in the Mountains”, a painting he made in 1870.

CHARLES BADGER CLARK was born in 1883 in Albia, but his family moved to Dakota. During his life he has been recognized as a West poet. In 1969, Bob Dylan recorded his poem “Spanish is the Loving Tongue”.

FRED FELLOWS won gold and silver medals in all media (painting, sculpture, watercolor and drawing). He had a fervent imagination and innate talent for drawing. He was born an raised in ranch in Ponca City (Oklahoma), near the Native American culture.

In Phoenix (Arizona), you can see his paintings in the permanent collections of the Phoenix Art Museum. Over the years, he put together a large research library and collection of artifacts, that deal with Old West. Visiting Arizona, you can admire his paintings at Desert Caballeros Museum.

in Wickenburg. Wickenburg is proud to be Arizona’s most western city. Its neighborhood in the old town honors its past while still keeping pace with the times. Here you can be a cowboy for a few days, visiting one of the many ranchs. You can relax in the evening in spa or trying a golf course. FRED FELLOWS’s paintings and sculptures are also in the permanent collections of Buffalo Bill’s Historic Center, in Cody. The city of Cody is named after Colonel William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Old Trail Town, a restoration of over twenty-five historic buildings and artifacts are located just off the highway to Yellowstone. The “Cody Nite Rodeo” is an amateur rodeo (every night from 1 June to 31 August).

Arrived at the end of our trip, we finish in Browning (Montana), where JAMES WELCH was born. This Native American writer and poet has origins in Blackfeet and Gros Ventre tribe. He won an American Book Award and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for his novels. His double vision of American Indian experience as unique, and is at the heart of his novels, all set in or around Montana reservation. Browning is the venue for the episode series “X-Files”. Each summer, the city hosts North American Indian days to celebrate the native way of life. Celebrations include traditional dresses and games.

The intellectual property of the images that appear in this blog correspond to their authors. The sole purpose of this site, is to spread the knowledge of these artists and that other people enjoy their works.

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