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DROPS IN THE EAST WIND – Olav Håkonson Hauge

A profound and branched life, like his fjord

His first poems were published in 1946. He lived his whole life there, where he was born, working as a gardener in his own orchard. As he advised the librarian in choosing the books, as a child he cultivated his passion for reading, attending the library of the native village. Olav Håkonson Hauge he was born in Ulvik (a village located within Hardangerfjord), in 1908, becoming a poet. He was also oriented to translated international poems to Norwegian (such as William Butler Yeats and Stéphane Mallarmé, Friedrich Bertolt Brecht and Robert Bly).

Later, he wrote modernist poetry that inspired other, younger Norwegian poets. The nature of the fjord where he was born – very deep and branched – has played an important role in his poems. He lived alone, in his parents’ house, until he was 67 when he began to live with Bodil Cappelen. He died where he was born, on a May 1994 day. In a special place of Ulvik there are exhibits, a library of poetry, a poetry workshop, a museum shop and a cafe. The Hauge Centre is situated on the quay by the fjord. You will get to know the works and life of the poet Olav Håkonson Hauge, discovering poetry in new and exciting ways.

EVERYDAYYou’ve left the big storms behind you now. You didn’t ask then why you were born, where you came from, where you were going to, you were just there in the storm, in the fire. But it’s possible to live in the everyday as well, in the grey quiet day, set potatoes, rake leaves, carry brushwood. There’s so much to think about here in the world, one life is not enough for it all. After work you can fry bacon and read Chinese poems. Old Laertes cut briars, dug round his fig trees, and let the heroes fight on at Troy.

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